There is much more to anticipate from Jenny Mod than simply having a girlfriend. Because that girl will provide you with a whole new world of Minecraft, she will be your superhero and a partner in facing all the difficulties during the game together. Moreover, with Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition she will also entertain you with her amazing looks and explicit nature. You can talk to her, customize her outfit, change her skin, and alter her behavior according to your preferences. However, you may have to learn to use the figuration menu, which is not rock science. Your girlfriend will be your shield while entering any place.

Moreover, you can take her on dates, give her presents, and get help from her. Are you also curious about the amazing features of Jenny Mod for Pocket or Bedrock Edition? Let us explain the Mod, its installation, amazing features, and more!

What is Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition?

There are many editions of Minecraft, including pocket and bedrock editions other than the original edition. Therefore, the Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition is for the Bedrock edition. This specific Mod adds a new character into the game, acting as a virtual girlfriend. That virtual girlfriend has many names, including Jenny, Ellie, and others. You can customize her hair; however, the default hairs are pink. You can tame her with flowers; after getting tamed, she will follow you to protect and fight for you.

She comes with major powers such as shooting hearts, giving shields, and attacking, making her a valuable war partner. Besides, Jenny Mod is an unofficial Mod because it comes with explicit features. The girlfriend in the game stimulates adult interactions. It means you can be intimate with her and have sexual conversations.

However, it depends upon the person playing Minecraft, whether he wants a companion in battle. Or want to use Jenny for explicit adult interactions. You can use the Mod in the Creative Mod of the game. In creative mode, you can customize and build without limits.

Who Is Jenny?

 Minecraft offers multiple perks, including diverse cultures, amazing graphics, and interesting scenarios. However, with the help of Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition, you will find a girl in the game. For the first time in game history, you get a girlfriend in the virtual world. The unique appearance of the girl with unbeatable features is sure to captivate many. Moreover, you must give her gifts to keep her loyal. Make sure to influence her correctly, as she has emotions and interactions.

Talk Jenny

Features and Specs

The Java edition of Minecraft has another girlfriend named Ellie. Similarly, Minecraft PE has another girl for Steve. However, she has different capabilities. You can approach Jenny by clicking the button that appears right after creating her. With the menu option in creative mode, you can customize the girl according to your preferences. In Minecraft PE, the girl will laugh, ask questions, and interact explicitly with Steve. As a regular player of Minecraft, you won’t ever get bored of the game.

Also, remember to turn on creator mode to make the Mod work. With Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition, you can make your virtual girlfriend dance for you. You can be fascinated by her moves during the date and can’t deny your orders. Furthermore, you can also create multiple girls in creator mode to make the game more exciting. 

Amazing Add Ons

Jenny has many outstanding features but also comes with some extra perks. In Minecraft PE, this mod provides you with a girl who can blush. It can also show facial expressions and smile if she is happy. Diamonds are her favorite thing but don’t overthrow the flowers. She might get angry if you overcare. Moreover, this Mod provides you with a bed, which means you can work closely with your girl.

Download Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition

Download the Jenny Mod MCPE 1.20 and Textures from the links given below. You can download the Mod for Consoles and Windows.

Jenny Mod Mcpack

Size: 47.10 MB

Updated On 26 Jan 2024

Jenny Texture Mcpack

Size: 47.10 MB

Updated On 26 Jan 2024

How to Install Jenny Mod?

Installation of this Mod is not rocket science. Follow these steps and start your new Minecraft Journey right away:

  • Download the Jenny Mod by clicking on the given links on our website.
  • Find .mcpack files and open them.
  • The files will be imported into Minecraft Pocket or Bedrock Edition.
  • Now open “My Packs” into Settings and Global Resources.
  • Find The Textures of the requisite Mod and click on it to activate.
  • Now go to the active tab and check if the Mod is available there.
  • Now go to the main menu and player settings to choose or create a new world.
  • Turn on the creator mode.
  • Now open resource packs and choose Jenny Mod.
  • Activate the Mod and Enjoy the best gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Jenny Mod for MCPE/Bedrock Edition is safe. However, be careful to download it from reliable resources.

As the name suggests, this Mod is specially designed for Minecraft Pocket Edition or Bedrock Edition. Therefore, you can use it on Mac, Android, Consoles, and Windows.

Yes, this Mod allows you to customize Jenny, her hair, dressing, and even her skin. Moreover, you can also control the type of flowers and dating experience.

It all depends on the type of device and other Mods you are using. However, it’s better to check the compatibility before going for installation.

Final Verdict

What’s more to get started than a partner who is hot and supportive to help you out of difficulties? Her actions depend upon how you treat her. She acts as a shield to save you from danger. It’s rare to find any female character in Minecraft. The Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition allows you to have a gaming partner in the form of a girlfriend. Moreover, you can also have unusual conversations and actions with her. So, don’t wait until you can have fun by downloading this Mod!